Frequently Asked Questions

Well, the first thing is YOU have to Want Something,  like taking better care of yourself HealthWise, or paying off debt, buying a house, car, or you might need some life changing residual compensation. Whatever that is to YOU, allow THAT to become your motivation.
It has been our “Team’s Experience” that people that don’t want something.  DO NOTHING!  
That’s not “The Culture” we’re building over here, stay plugged into our “LoveBiome Global Environment” and follow our “Say Less, Make More, System”. (as long as you don’t quit on yourself), eventually you’ll understand & experience, how all the pieces are designed for your success and fit perfectly.

Well, the cost to invest in your “Own Personal Health” each month is priceless.  Let’s face it no matter how much money & time you think you may have, you can’t enjoy it, “if” you don’t have your health.

We show you how to create an “Equity Position” to build an asset, that creates “flowing streams of income,” in these inflationary times, all by becoming a “Pocket Friendly, Low OverHead” monthly subscriber for less than $200 or $100 + shipping.

In other countries it may be required, but not In The United States,  your Social Security number makes you a Sole Proprietor.  If you earn over $600 in commissions & bonuses from “The LoveBiome Perfected Compensation Plan”,  the company by law is required to send you (as a small business owner) a “1099” for tax purposes.                                                                                 (Please consult your “Tax Professional”).

Consumerpreneurs is the name of our Global Expansion Team.  We needed a Lifestyle Business Model to exit the middle class,     an 10X our Job income.  So, together we decided it’s time for our money to work for us, by becoming Customers & Affiliate+ members of “LoveBiome” and share with everyone their prophetic health message.   “Change One Thing, Change Everything”.

Some of our members have a 20 year prior history with The Founders Of LoveBiome Who in 1996 Built Morinda Inc.             (Tahitian Noni Juice). On February 2, 2022, Kelly Olsen (Founder & CEO), Shon Whitney (Founder & President), and Cody Day (Founder & COO) created LoveBiome. We are entering “The Era Of The Microbiome” which is part of,  “The Digestive Health Market.”  

Now please be sure to contact the person who referred you to this team site so you can view more info, order, or join from Their LoveBiome Website.

If you’ve discovered this site on a search engine and have a desire for more info, please fill out the form provided after you visit: www.ILoveMyBiome.Info And we’ll reach back out to you. ConsumerPRENEURS encourages everyone “To Join The Movement.”  if you have a desire to having more time, money, along with a healthier lifestyle approach, and do it in the next 2 to 5 years. Then your at the right place at the best time.

Now once you have viewed our products on the company video, “This is LoveBiome”.   We encourage you to become a monthly subscriber for: Your OWN Personal Consumption Only of ANY, of our LoveBiome Product Line: LoveBiome Complete Pack , Daily 3 System , NextBalance , NextDetox , PhytoPower.  Or try our PostBiotic Body Soufflé for your skin.


And remember, The LoveBiome “Perfected Compensation Plan” is attached to each item.

Most people for “Optimal Health” purposes purchase The Daily 3 pack  or The LoveBiome Complete Pack  for less than $200 + shipping…mainly to take advantage of the savings and as they build their “Teams ” from their Serious 5, to                          “Maximize the Compensation Plan Payout.”

Or for some, they simply choose to select the lower entry investment (less than $100) “to meet their minimum monthly order,” to “Qualify for Weekly Club Bonuses”.  These minimums may be met by purchasing any one, or combinations of the products, as long as their minimum total is met.


Absolutely Not!
It’s common for people to make that mistake especially if that’s what someone told them.
See previous question.

We offer a “High Quality” Product Line that utilizes the “Word of Mouth, Person-To-Person” approach in “Advertising,” so instead of “LoveBiome” paying advertisers through (TV, Radio, Print Media) They Pay Us, based on our production & work ethic.

Bottom line… (we don’t earn commissions or bonuses unless the product is purchased).


  • We don’t make any claims regarding health and income.
  • We’re going to show you what other people are doing.
  • We’re going to show you the specific plan they use.
  • But we can’t guarantee that you’re going to have the same results.

Now once you’re a member of “LoveBiome & Our Team” you’ll experience “The philosophy” of Our Team’s Training” located  in    “The Vault”,  and  “EP/Academy8-OYL” sections, of this site.  “Our Goal is To Educate Our Team Members To Understand The Fundamentals Of Building  Their LoveBiome Businesses Correctly.”

The fact of the matter is this…PYRAMIDS ARE ILLEGAL!

“Pyramids do not have a Product or Service” attached to a Compensation Plan that offers
All-Expense-Paid-Trips for Top Producers like LoveBiome.  

Our 2024’s trip is already set. Why not work now. play later.  just copy  (

The industry that we’re apart of is… “The Social / Network Marketing Industry” which
generates an avg. $32 Billion in North America and ($180 Billion Worldwide).

But here’s just one of our ConsumerPRENEURS team links you can “Copy” this link on that subject:
After viewing, take notes that will start your conversation about business write offs, to a “Tax Professional” & create “your” personalized tax records strategy to lower your taxes.

Initially the highest level is when you earn enough money to replace the income from your job. (Set that as your first goal).

That means you can buy back your time, and finally start “Owning Your Life”, instead of working on someone else’s dream.

Wealth is measured in time. Money is only a currency to allow us to repurchase our time for ourselves.

The good news is that we can start small. For example, imagine you earned $1,000 a week. That’s $200 a day. Which means you would have to earn $200 to buy back your Fridays.

So, if you earned $200 a week from your LoveBiome Business, you could buy back your Fridays and have three-day weekends forever!

Life is short.  At ConsumerPRENEURS we focus on owning our time. That’s freedom!

Giving you one reason would be a disservice to you.

So, let’s have a “Difficult Conversation” on this one.

Why not,
  1. Be proactive when it comes to “Your Health”.
  2. Generate multiple streams of income to pay off debt, increase your credit score or  just an extra $100 a week for gas/date night money.
  3. Start a “Cottage Business” to lower your taxes and follow a proven system that our team uses.
  4. Create “Flowing Streams Of Income” to increase your “NET WORTH” (buy real estate for passive income) or buy physical “Gold Coins” if the dollar collapses).
  5. Build a business that is Willable to your Loved ones.

Leaving  legacy is part of The LoveBiome : Policies & Procedures located in the “Succession” Section 10.8, page 31)

Now ask yourself.?

What do YOU want the rest of your life to look like, Are you totally satisfied with, where you’re headed, if not,                            Decide today to join us.